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Surplus Equipment


From time to time, the District has equipment that is no longer usable for District Activities.  When this occurs, Montana Law (10-6-604 MCA) allows the District to mark the equipment as surplus and offer it through an auction process to the community.  

These items and more can be viewed at the school. Call 759-5945 Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm to schedule an appointment.  
The Bid process:  Bids for items will be accepted in a sealed bid process.  All bids will be opened with the item being sold to the highest bidder.  
Surplus items include:

Clothes dryers




Miscellaneous FCS plates, cups, pans, etc.  

Past yearbooks- for sale:
2001-2013- $15 each
2013-2015 - $45 each
Centennial - $20 each