• Please note that school board policy 3350 was changed at the November 10, 2015 school board meeting to include the language below.  If you have questions about this change in policy language please contact the school’s administration.



    Alcohol, Illegal Drugs or Non-prescribed Drugs

    Possession (to include guilt by association), use or under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or non-prescribed drugs either on or off school property is prohibited.

    When a student violates this, the student will be suspended from participation in all MHSA sanctioned events for fifteen (15) school days, to include three (3) weekends from the date the infraction was acted upon by the coach/activity sponsor or administrator.  During the fifteen-day suspension, the student is allowed to practice with the team. The student must, at their expense, take an alcohol, illegal drugs or non-prescribed drugs evaluation by a licensed chemical dependency counselor within the 15 day suspension.  Based on the results of that evaluation, the student will follow the recommendations of the licensed chemical dependency counselor and if recommended successfully complete the appropriate educational course. Failure to comply with any part of this policy will result in the student being eliminated from further participation in athletic/activity programs for the remainder of that season.