Welcome to CJI Public Schools District 1J & 2J






    It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am Tim Bronk, your new Superintendent for the C-J-I School District. I am honored to have been selected to serve in this position by the C-J-I School Board of Trustees and eager to get acquainted with the District. Please know that I am firmly committed and excited to be serving the students and communities of Chester, Joplin, & Inverness to my fullest potential.


    I would like to thank all of our parents, community members, and teachers for providing an effective educational partnership for our children. I continue to enjoy meeting and getting to know all our stakeholders – students, parents, faculty/staff, town/county officials and residents at various locations and events. If you see me about, please take the opportunity to introduce yourself and get acquainted with me.


    I would like to thank all of you for your help in making my transition a success and for assisting me as we navigate through the remainder of the school year. My goal is to support the District by interjecting stability, with steadfast leadership, in an effort to re-create a positive, safe, and welcoming learning environment.


    On behalf of the faculty and staff, thank you for your partnership in supporting your child’s learning here in C-J-I School!


    Timothy P. Bronk,


    C-J-I School District



    Chester-Joplin-Inverness Public Schools District 48-1J & 48-2J