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The District consists of a high school and elementary district serving grades K – 12 with a total enrollment count of approximately 250 students.  The District also includes the Sage Creek Hutterite Colony. 

The Chester-Joplin-Inverness Public Schools complex houses grades K-12.  It has two gymnasiums, two football fields, an outdoor classroom, a baseball diamond, track, tennis courts, and an extensive playgrounds.   We offer a variety of sports and clubs for our students.  Our core values of respect, excellence, acceptance, compassion and honor provide our students with exceptional and unique opportunities that promote success in their life choices. Our instructional framework focuses on bell to bell instruction, student engagement and promotes students to take an active role in their education.


The Chester-Joplin-Inverness School is located in Chester, which is in north central Montana, Liberty County, and is known as the Heart of the Hi-Line. 

Chester has a population of about 1,000 and boasts a variety of businesses ranging from grocery stores to restaurants, banks, and motels. Chester is the county seat of Liberty County and is 90 miles north of Great Falls, 114 miles east of East Glacier, 60 miles west of Havre, and 50 miles from the Canadian border.  Most of the county is characterized by rolling prairies.  The Marias River breaks up the terrain, Tiber Dam lies 13 miles south and six miles west of Chester.  In the northwestern part of the county are the Sweetgrass Hills.

Joplin's approximate population is 300. Some of Joplin's businesses include an auto repair shop, real estate agency, and insurance agency.  Right in the center of the Joplin’s business area is the beautiful Joplin Memorial Park, a comfortable, safe, overnight place for bicyclers traveling Hwy 2.

Inverness has a population of about 56, and is a quiet little town offering exceptional food and company at the Inverness Supper Club.