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    November 2nd


    It's that time of year again. CJI and Public Health will have flu shots available for students on November 2nd. The links below provide information about the flu vaccine that will be given as well as a permission slip for students. Students MUST return a permission slip in order to receive the vaccine at school on November 2nd.

    Flu Vaccine Information Statement

    Permission Slip for Flu Vaccine


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    CJI Schools is currently looking an Interim Kitchen Helper.  For more details, click here.



    Greetings and welcome!


    I would like to welcome you to explore the CJI web pages and learn about our district and schools. “Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future” (J. F. Kennedy, 1963). Likewise, our children are valuable resources and a source of deep pride for the outstanding communities of Chester, Joplin, and Inverness. Ensuring student academic and co-curricular success, is a very important goal to properly prepare children for the future. The mission of CJI School District is:  to help all students reach their full potential and promote learning as a lifelong process.


    At CJI, the trustees of the Board have committed to developing a meaningful Strategic Plan, which helps guide and drive their decisions. The quality education our students receive does not just happen by chance, it is deliberate, with expected and intentional high levels of outcomes. As such, the district is committed to keeping the school a welcoming, safe, and friendly learning environment where students and staff enjoy attending.


    The continuous improvement of teaching methods and educational opportunities for our students, is a key focus of the educational staff. This past spring the staff committed to a book study of, The Power of ICU (D. Hill and Dr. J. Naves, 2009), on developing school culture to: keep the focus on learning, end student apathy, revive engagement and responsibility, and develop a student centered learning environment. Danny Hill, will be providing face-to-face training to staff during PIR days, to ensure a successful ICU implementation and improve learning outcomes. Also, a nine member team of teachers and administrators attended the Montana Behavioral Initiatives (MBI) Conference to learn ways to better reach and teach all children in a classroom with unique and diverse behavioral actions and needs. Additionally, staff are encouraged and supported in seeking and attending professional development specific to their individual classroom and curricular needs.


    Students are welcomed and encouraged to become actively engaged participants in their education, increasing their desire to learn, gain skills, build confidence, and become fully prepared for their college or career choices. A child with a desire or a dream to achieve something is an unstoppable force, as educators, parents, and community it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for these ambitions to flourish and succeed.


    I look forward to working with and for you, as the CJI School Superintendent during the 2017-18 school year, to continue building greatness and pride in our children through the education and experiences we afford them. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions, questions, or accolades concerning CJI Schools.




    Tim Bronk, Superintendent

    CJI School District






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