Reminder! Virtual Learning Expectations

Virtual Teaching/Learning Protocol

CJI virtual school will attempt to mimic our traditional schooling in every way possible. During
virtual school, students will not physically attend classes at the school but will attend classes
via an electronic device (Chromebook, Ipad, etc.), following the normal bell schedule.
Pre-ordered Grab-n-Go breakfasts and lunches will be made available at the lunchroom
entrance, an order form will be available on the CJI school website. The following are intended
expectations for students and staff if and when the school is forced to switch to Virtual Teaching/Learning.

STUDENT Expectations -
● Promptly log into every class session per the normal bell schedule
● Remain in the virtual class for the full period.
● Actively engage and participate in the class lesson and activities
● Remain logged into each class session throughout the entire class period
● Promptly complete and submit all lessons and assignments of each class
● Communicate questions and concerns to teachers via email, phone, text, or other
     means approved by the teacher
● Request to schedule virtual meeting times with the teacher, if extra help is needed

STAFF Expectations -
● Begin each class period promptly through Google Classroom and or Google Meets
● Take attendance each period
     ○ document if students are tardy
     ○ document if students never attend (absent)
     ○ document if students leave your class early (absent)
● Expect students to be and remain engaged in the class period from bell to bell
● Write, revise, and adapt lesson plans to deliver instruction virtually
● Follow lesson plans and class objectives as submitted
● Use your prep period to prepare for classes
● Promptly and properly utilize the ICU List for missing and submitted assignments
● Be available to students between 8:00 - 8:25 AM and 3:35 - 4:00 PM
● Promptly contact students falling behind and offer assistance (offer and scheduled
     one-on-one virtual meetings)
● Deliberately and accurately follow the normal bell and class schedule
● Be purposeful
● Be professional

Any revisions to this protocol will be promptly communicated to the staff, students, and parents.