Bond Information


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

6:30 pm in CJI School Auditorium

This meeting is open to everyone, and is an opportunity to learn more about the bond proposal, see conceptual renderings about the project, ask questions, learn the benefits, and find out what the taxpayer impact is.


Ballots Due May 3





Chester-Joplin-Inverness Public Schools is proposing a $6.2M bond that will address needs throughout the school. The bond, if approved by the voters, will cover all construction, design and associated costs of the updates, renovations & additions throughout the school’s Academic, Athletic & Physical Education Areas.


All mail election, ballots mailed by April 14.

Return to CJI District Clerk via mail or drop-off: Mail: Chester-Joplin-Inverness Public School: P.O. Box 550, Chester, MT 59522 Drop-Off: during regular business hours at CJI,  511 Main St., Chester (8am-4:30 pm M-F). Ballots must be received by 8 pm on May 3 to be counted.



Chester-Joplin-Inverness Elementary & High School have been fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars for many years. The School has not run a bond since 1973. In the past years, several needs have been identified but cannot be accomplished without taxpayer support. It was determined that a $6.2M bond ($3.1 for the Elementary and High School each) will provide the funds to address all prioritized needs and have the most long-term benefit while keeping the cost to taxpayers as low as possible.  

  • The current High School entry is not ADA accessible for students and staff with mobility challenges.
  • The current locker rooms are not fully ADA accessible.
  • Make improvements throughout school. Last school bond was passed in 1973 -- almost 50 years ago!
  • The school does not currently have a dedicated wrestling room for athletic use.
  • The current gymnasium is in need of upgrades and repairs throughout.
  • Several deferred maintenance items, including replacing a portion of the school’s roof are needed.
  • The current gym lobby, weight room, and wrestling room cannot accommodate the influx of people during athletic events.
  • A reconfiguration and addition to create an accessible entry will make room for additional classroom space for future programs, and mental health and counseling services.
  • The school will be better equipped to host athletic, school and special events, bringing visitors to the community.
  • Invest in the students, staff & community for long-term viability.